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Re-defining rural commerce.

Hesa is the one-stop-solution for Corporates, SMEs, Banks, Government and NGOs who wish to access rural India, for buy-sell propositions including brand promotions and social responsibilities.

A trusted B2B digital platform backed by the strength and power of a large ground force called the Hesaathis, this powerful combination allows businesses the means to access and integrate into the rural market.

Last mile Physical and Digital Connect.

How it Works





Digital, Social & Physical
Platform Powered by Hesa

Rural Consumers

Targeting a space that lies at the
intersection of India’s Fintech and Agritech sectors.

Why Hesa?

Businesses in rural India thrive on trust and relationship. Our simplified technology platform Hesa, assisted by a village level entrepreneur - the Hesaathi, is a clear winning proposition for businesses aiming to access and engage with the rural economy.

Who is this for? And what do we offer?

Our Solutions

Banking, Finance
& Insurance

End-to-end means to reach every individual for a range of financial services


Complete solutions to access and transact with the farming community


On-ground offerings for Brands to be heard, seen and experienced

NGOs &

Solutions to make a larger, more meaningful impact


An integrated digital platform that aims to use the physical Hesaathi team to connect our Partners with each and every potential customer at the rural level.


Quick activation turnaround time, and the ability to reach, transact and influence millions of rural consumers, buyers and sellers.

Value Proposition to Businesses
Hesa Solutions


Ready and available aggregator and last mile connect with lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) with zero capex investment.

Rural commerce ecosystem is still driven by trust, relationships and physical interactions. But without a digital interface, the potential is largely untapped. We are changing that by offering every business access to its targeted rural population through our three-tiered social, digital and physical platform.

Our Valued Partners

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Our Enablers

Robust Digital Platform

Hesa is a unified commerce platform that enables transactions, promotions and reach-outs by the on-ground workforce to every individual in rural India.

Hesa is a mobile-first application, meant to be used with ease, and is effective in its processes.


On-Ground Workforce

Hesaathi is a tech-savvy village-level consultant and partner (“Saathi”) for your Brand who is approachable at all times.

Hesaathi uses Hesa’s robust digital platform to solve issues of Accessibility, Availability, Buying and Selling for Brands in remote locations.


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