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Our Impact

Lives & Livelihoods Positively Impacted

Stree Nidhi
(Govt of Telangana)

Target Customer
1.1 Million Women

Members of women groups taking micro finance from Govt on low interest rates

The Hesa Value Addition

Cash collection by Hesaathi via Wallet ends manual collections and physical deposits

SHG Members can payback instantly instead of 14 days without stepping out of their village

Dodla Dairy

Target Customer
0.3 Million Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers supply milk to Dodla daily at various collection points

The Hesa Value Addition

Manual to Digital Disbursements, enabled by Hesaathi’s e-wallet

Dairy farmers get reimbursed in 2 days instead of waiting for 21 days

Big Haat

Target Customer
2 Million Farmers

An agri market place for farmers to buy online but they hesitate due to multiple reasons

The Hesa Value Addition

Hesaathi’s handling go-to-market for Big Haat helps farmers buy online

Reduced travel time and wait-time helps increase online transactions

With its unique and progressive model, Hesa has positively impacted lacs of lives. Here are a few more examples to showcase the true value of the Hesa model.

Hesa’s partnership with Airtel Payments Bank is bringing seamless banking experience to thousands of rural customers in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Through its Hesaathi network, Hesa is creating awareness about innovative Agri-based tools and techniques by connecting the farming community with Husqvarna Group's farming equipment division.

Hesa’s partnership with Krishitantra spread across 500 locations is enabling 50,000 farmers in accessing Soil Testing Services.

Hesaathis powered by Gramcover’s InsureTech Platform are assisting in de-risking rural India by enabling insurance distribution in their villages.

Hesa is also the last mile rural connector for Reshamandi’s sericulture farmers in AP.

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