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Strategic Partnerships

With a successful history of well-cultivated strategic partnerships, we are renowned for our strong associations with both past and present partners, and have helped each of them expand their reach and access hitherto under-represented markets.
Hesa is a sector and brand agnostic digital platform, offering a space and opportunity to every business to leverage its go-to rural approach through our network dedicated to selling, buying, service provisions, and much more.
With collaborations spread across industries and sectors, our work is positioned at the intersections of AgriTech, FinTech, RuralTech, and FMCD domains to unlock their true potential for rural India. We are proud to say our success is based on our trust, affinity, and long-lasting relationships with our partners.
We are on a growth trajectory and continue to maintain strong relations with our past and present partners as well as cement new partnerships and collaborations almost on a weekly basis while ensuring that we deliver on the commitments to our existing partners. It delights us to see businesses powered by Hesa thrive in deep rural pockets.

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