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Hesa Solutions

Hesa’s asset light model offering a unified platform for product & services facilitates financial and digital inclusion upto the last mile. Our focus on social commerce that is viable at a unit-economic level makes us the perfect rural partner for businesses at both ends of the value chain. Our hyperlocal approach helps us retain local talent and sensitizes us on all local challenges that we can address and opportunities that our partners can leverage on.

Rural Financial Services & Business Solutions

Banking, Finance & Insurance

End-to-end means to reach every individual for a range of financial services

Cash withdrawals






Agro-based businesses

Complete solutions to access and transact with the farming community



Process enhancement methods


Consumer Brands

On-ground offerings for Brands to be heard, seen and experienced

Supply chain

Assisted buying and selling services

Promotions and campaigns

Surveys and consumer insights


Solutions to make a larger, more meaningful impact

Micro-level entrepreneurship & business opportunities

Skill development

Focus on diversity and inclusion

Value Proposition to Businesses


Plug and Play technology driven solution

Physical manpower at District, Block, Village level who are rural born, tech savvy, key influencers and with a reputation to protect at the village level

Strict compliance to business processes; technology driven execution

Dash boards and reports – user configured


Shortest time to activate; 1-2 weeks to deploy service from contract signing

Unified platform catering to entire rural value chain

Researched model of physical network and integrated digital platform

Rural activations, promotions, marketing, buying, selling, marketing, distribution, delivery, consumer research, and surveys


Ready and available aggregator and last mile connect

Lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) with zero capex investment

Opportunities for business to expand to new markets

Savings in set-up time and running costs

Minimum infrastructure with maximum resource utilization

Quick turnaround resulting in higher sales and profits

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