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Why Hesa

India is a young nation with a large part of the population staying in Rural areas. Although the Rural economy contributes almost 45 percent to National Income it is still a largely cash-oriented unstructured economy. Despite urbanization, the rural economy is typically ‘earn-now-spend-now’ segment with problems like

Lack of formal
employment opportunities


Cash Flow

Difficulty in access
to credit facilities

Difficulty in accessing
pan-India business opportunities

Agri & Non-Agri growth hand-in-hand

The rural economy is burgeoning with opportunities right from the traditional agricultural sector to the fast-evolving non-agricultural sector. With improved internet connectivity in rural areas, there is a whole new smartphone generation who are educated and looking for multiple income sources.

Businesses and brands looking to target and benefit the rural economy are unable to access or engage with rural audiences. The rural consumer on the other hand, who could benefit from choice, has to run from pillar to post to fulfil different requirements and is often subjected to long commutes, and unimaginable queues.

In a nutshell, this mismatch or hitch is the result of a lack of Physical and Digital connectivity. Digital technology along with improved infrastructure also known as ‘Phyigitisation’ are key parts of the large puzzle namely – ‘Develop Rural Economy’.

Here is where Hesa comes into play

Hesa addresses the challenges faced by Rural Entrepreneurs and unlocks immense opportunities, inclusive growth, thus helping in creating sustainable economies and society. At the same time Hesa also aims to pave the way for Businesses aiming to integrate with the rural economy, by offering them the means to reach, access and engage with their target audience.

Coactive Model
Joins physical and digital to unlock opportunities for all-inclusive growth.

Easy login with Single Unified Login for multiple users – VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur), Agent, Customer, Supplier, Vendors, Employees and Admins.

Safety & Security
Data maintained with enhanced security with PAN and Aadhaar based KYC compliance.

Integrated platform
For buyers and sellers to showcase products, services and financial services.

Decision Making
Instant notifications and MIS. Helps entrepreneurs and businesses make important enterprise related decisions.

Banking Facilities
Pan-India NEFT banking enabled with the help of digitization, helping in immediate pay-in-pay-out.

Pan-India Access
Seamless API helps access 1500+ products and services SKUs across India.

Customized Business Models
No ‘One-size-fits-all’. Every entrepreneur's needs are catered here with customized models to help support diverse business needs.

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